Maximizing the potential of a modern large-scale lighting rig requires operators and programmers with years of hands-on experience and talent. Much like an inexperienced driver behind the wheel of a Formula 1 race car, the wrong operator on an incredible lighting rig will do nothing but spin the wheels and go nowhere fast.

I have dedicated much of my life to understanding capabilities of fixtures and the consoles that control them. Thankfully my passion for lighting is only paralleled by my passion for music.

When it comes to operation, I pride myself on my impeccable timing and eye for emotion. Picking the right combination of color, movement, intensity, texture, speed, and negative space for any given moment is what I thrive on. I'm just as comfortable with a completely rehearsed show as I am busking an act I've never heard before.

I offer many programming services including house showfile preparation, layout view/MA3D creation, custom showfile preparation, macro-writing, timecode programming, nightclub fool-proofing, custom user interfaces, and fixture profile writing.

My programming and operation services work best when combined, but I do offer them separately. Whatever your needs are, I'd love to be the brains behind the console for your show.